Berge-Italian Designer Handbag in Natural Tan Color Leather!

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Berge-Italian Designer Handbag in Natural Tan Color Leather!


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A handbag perfect for everyday use, thanks to an easy-matching light tan hue that will pair with any outfit. It has a roomy silhouette, terrific textures, bold hardware and stylish leather strap. In a Natural Tan color and with Crocodile Pattern Embossed Leather accents, this Berge handbag is crafted with the up most attention to design & detail.

Berge was born from traveling and listening. Their collections are the expression of observation and their fancy and wish to do things, with determination and enthusiasm. Handcrafted work and urban couture are the key values of the Berge brand. It was founded in 1990 through the intuition of Ugo Mentasca, founder of the twenty-year-old ""Pelletterie Palazzolesi"" manufacturing factory, in order to satisfy the growing request for bags and accessories in leather. A trademark 100% Italian, specialized in the production and in the choice of leather, situated and developed in the area of Bergamo, Italy that is well known for its quality and experience in working leather and metallic knick-knacks for the fashion industry.

Continuous investment in research, development and experimentation have given opportunity to the company to keep abreast of the times, offering a product of outstanding care and handcrafted quality within the upper fashion sector.

Berge handbags are made of the finest Italian leathers available along with precious details giving them a vintage effect and have distinguished their collections all over the world.